Travel Protection

Do I Really Need Travel Protection?

Some questions to consider. . .

  • Can you risk losing your vacation investment if something goes wrong due to illness, weather or other unforeseen circumstances?
  • If you have to cut your trip short due to an emergency, can you afford the cost of a
    return airline ticket home?
  • Does your health insurance provide coverage away from home and out of the country?
    What if you become ill or are injured while traveling?
  • If your bags are lost or you have to spend an extra night because of weather-related
    problems, can you afford to buy necessities and pay for extra lodging?

Traveling creates memories of a lifetime, and can also mean encountering the unexpected; ranging from a flight delay or cancellation to a trip cancellation for sickness or serious medical emergency. In today’s travel environment, it’s increasingly important to protect yourself and your travel investment.

The State Department says, “Obtaining medical treatment and hospital care abroad can be expensive, and medical evacuation to the U.S. can cost more than $50,000. Note that U.S. medical insurance is generally not accepted outside the United States, nor do the Social Security Medicare and Medicaid programs provide coverage for hospital or medical costs outside the United States. If your insurance policy does not cover you abroad, it is a good idea to consider purchasing a short-term policy that does.”

For a true sense of security, you’ll want a comprehensive policy from a reputable, independent travel protection company. Your existing medical insurance policies may not protect your travels abroad and often have out-of-network deductibles. Likewise, coverage through credit cards can have shortfalls and not fully protect you for unforeseen events such as sickness or injury of you and/or your immediate traveling companion, cancelled/delayed flights, baggage loss/delay, volcanic eruptions, hurricane warnings, earthquakes, etc.

The best reason to purchase travel protection is the same reason you have any other insurance… you cannot plan for accidents, delays or illness nor can you schedule your vacation around them. Accidents, emergencies, and unforeseen circumstances can happen anywhere at any time, to anyone. Travel protection can give you peace of mind by protecting your vacation investment, health, and belongings.

There are many different types of travel protection plans. Let the travel professionals at Sunsational Vacations recommend the right kind of policy for your trip. We will be happy to provide you with plan details and rates which are based on the traveler’s age and trip cost.